ESPN MLB reporter Pedro Gomez drops dead February 7, 2021, the day of Super Bowl 55

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This man died the day of Super Bowl 55, as Tom Brady won his 7th championship, becoming the ‘Greatest of All Time’.

Pedro also equates to 58.

Notice, this man was born in ’62.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers = 62; Buccaneers = 62
Patrick Mahomes = 62 (Fell to 6-2 in playoffs by losing in SB 55)

Read about how Super Bowl 55 was played 62 days after Tampa Mayor Jane Castor’s birthday.

Read about WrestleMania 37 being scripted 62 days after the Super Bowl.

The 35 year career?

Super Bowl = 35 *Football = 35 *Tom Brady = 35

Brady got his 149th home win in Super Bowl 55 (35th prime).

More than 25 World Series?

Tampa Bay = 25 *Death = 25

Recall, the last World Series was Tampa Bay vs. Los Angeles and he died on the day of the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay.

20 All-Star Games?

Death = 20

Boston? Brady?

Don’t forget the Rays beat the Red Sox 17-8, August 13, 2020, 178 days before the rigged Super Bowl that Brady won, after leaving Boston for T.B.

Tampa Bay Rays… Florida… so obvious…

He covered Barry Bonds 73 home run season? Of course Super Bowl 55 was a MASSIVE 73 ritual. Read more about that here.

For one last point, this man died 103 days after the World Series concluded, October 27, 2020, the anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s funeral. Keep in mind 103 is the 27th prime, and he died on February 7, or 2/7, like 27.

And don’t overlook that he died on the 38th day of the year. Read more about 38 and death here.

Pedro = 77 (Brady born in ’77)
Pedro = 31 (Bucs won with 31 *Chiefs = 31)
Pedro = 23 *Brady = 23 (Brady got his 23rd home win in playoffs)
Gomez = 30 / 15 *Tampa = 30 / 15

They’re saying he died ‘unexpectedly’.

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