ESPN & The Undefeated say the era of the black quarterback is underway, September 10, 2020

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This is from the same publication that wrote this article last year, and which was on the front page of ESPN on September 3, or 9/3:

This latest headline comes September 10, 2020, a date with 59 numerology, as well as 14.

9/10/2020 = 9+10+20+20 = 59

9/10/2020 = 9+1+0+2+0+2+0 = 14

This article is dated September 10, 2020:

Keep in mind September 10 leaves 112 days in the year.

Houston = 112; Chiefs = 112; Super Bowl = 112

These teams last met January 12, 2020, or 1/12, in the playoffs.

This season could have a lot to do with Warren Moon, who began his career with the Houston Oilers, in 1984, becoming the 10th black QB to start in the NFL.

Warren Moon = 55 *10th tri. number *10th Fibonacci number

*Moon = 51 *Houston Texans = 51 (51st Super Bowl of modern era)

Notice, Warren Moon played for Houston, Minnesota, Seattle, and Kansas City, meaning he has played for two of the three teams that have won Super Bowls with black quaterbacks, those two being Seattle and K.C.:

This article is also worth noting, written September 9, 2020, 5 days before Watson’s 25th birthday (Square Root of 25 is 5):


Keep in mind Watson could become the 4th black QB to win a Super Bowl, and he wears the #4.

The publication at the top is from ‘The Undefeated’, related to ESPN.

Year of Super Bowl 55 (51st of the modern era)

233, 51st prime *Houston Texans = 51

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