Experts project “worse than normal” hurricane season, May 7, 2020

Military Science Weather

On May 7, 2020, it was projected that this year’s hurricane season will be worse than normal, which comes as no surprise.  This was one of many several correct predictions I made for 2020, including the theme of this year being ‘death’, because ‘death’ sums to 20 in gematria (and in this case so does ‘flood).  Of course, storms bring about death and flooding.

If you have read my book, the chapter on weather warfare covers how 52 is the signature number of the cabal when it comes to weather warfare, and not by accident, the date of this projection, May 7, 2020, has 52 date numerology.

5/7/2020 = 5+7+20+20 = 52

Circle your upcoming 52 dates.

July 25, August 4, August 24, September 3, September 23, October 2, etc.

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