Facial recognition technology used to reunite missing child after 32-years, America’s Covid-19 response, the dangers of Trump’s self-medicating & France closes 70 schools due to spike

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You have to appreciate the facial recognition technology story during the time of coronavirus, where this technology is being used in parts of the world to enforce social distancing.


Notice the name Mao Ying sums to 32.

*America = 32 *Scottish = 32 *32 sun rays on the Jesuit logo

Further, notice this reportedly happened May 18, which is typically the 138th day of the year.


This news comes May 19, what is typically the 139th day of the year, and it is located next to the story about the 32-year-old found by facial recognition technology.


The gematria of ‘self-medicate’ is interesting.

*Social Distancing = 102 (How many Americans are dosing up at home alone?)

*Donald Trump = 48

*Wuhan Coronavirus = 222

Here’s the latest 70 sighting with regards to the coronavirus.

This last story below, reminds that the coronavirus agenda is synced up with Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.


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