Fake News | The killing of Cannon Hinnant, August 9, 2020

Murder by Numbers News Racism

This is what fake and racially divisive news looks like.

This reportedly happened August 9, 2020, a date with 37 numerology..

8/9/20 = 8+9+20 = 37

Of course, the shooter’s name equates to 89, on 8/9, the 6 year anniversary of the shooting of Michael Brown.

89, 11th Fibonacci Number *Black = 11

Darius Sessoms = 181 (42nd prime) *Ferguson = 42 *Missouri = 42

The victim was ‘five’. Five = 42

Cannon? A gun?

7 and 8, eh? Jesuit = 78

This incident was on the day leaving 144 days in the year. Jesuit Order = 144

Notice how Austin Hinnant fits in.

And notice how Austin connects with ‘Jesuit’.


With regards to Sessoms being 25, that connects to ‘Cannon’ and ‘death’.


  1. patawn on August 15, 2020 at 3:40 pm

    He was killed at age 5 by a 25-year-old… Reminds me that George Floyd was killed on 5/25!

  2. Jeff on August 16, 2020 at 1:39 pm

    8/9/2020 (8/9~89)

    “Child Sacrifice”=89 Reverse Full Reduction

    “Darius Sessoms”=89 Reverse Full Reduction

    “Shooter”=89 Reverse Ordinal

    “Kill”=89 English Extended

    “Race”=89 Jewish (A racially divisive child sacrifice)

    “Race Baiting”=89 English Ordinal

    “Racial Attack”=89 Reverse Full Reduction

    “Ritual Child Sacrifice”=890 Satanic | 660 Jewish

    “Moloch”=66 English Ordinal | 201 English Extended(The Jesuit Order=201 EO, Israeli Secret Intelligence Service=201 RFR) (Moloch is a pagan god associated with child sacrifice.)

    “Cannon Hinnant”=66 Reverse Full Reduction (66 books of the Bible, man was created on the 6th day, Satan 666)

    “Homicide”=66 English Ordinal

    August 9th can be written as 9/8(98).

    “Cannon Blake Hinnant”=98 Reverse Full Reduction | 73 Full Reduction

    “Child Sacrifice”=73 Full Reduction

    “Ritual Sacrifice”=73 Full Reduction

    “Sacrifice”=73 English Ordinal

    “Race Baiting”=73 Reverse Full Reduction

    8/9/2020 (8+9+20=37)

    “Wilson, NC”=37 Full Reduction

    “NC”=37 Reverse Ordinal

    “Racial Attack”=37 Full Reduction

    “Hinnant”=37 Reverse Full Reduction

    “Headshot”=37 Reverse Full Reduction | 266 Jewish(266 is a big Jesuit/Catholic number..JFK was the 35th President and the only catholic president in US history and he was killed by a headshot at the age of 46. “Headshot”=35 Full Reduction..”Catholic”=35 Full Reduction | 46 Reverse Full Reduction..”Sacrifice”=46 Full Reduction)

    “Brain”=37 Reverse Full Reduction

    “Dome”=37 English Ordinal

    “Shooting”=37 Reverse Full Reduction

    “Shooter”=37 Full Reduction

    “Mossad”=37 Reverse Full Reduction

    “Officer”=37 Reverse Full Reduction

    August 9th is the 222nd day of this leap year.

    “Order Out of Chaos”=222 Reverse Ordinal

    “As Above So Below”=222 Reverse Ordinal

    August 9th leaves 144 days remaining in the year.

    “Jesuit Order”=144 English Ordinal

    “Killer”=144 Jewish

    “Forty-Four”=144 English Ordinal

    “Kill”=44 English Ordinal

    “Child”=44 Jewish

    “Archers Road”=187 Reverse Ordinal(Homicide code)

    “Wilson Police Department”=119 Reverse Full Reduction

    “Fraternal Order of Police”=119 Full Reduction

    “Vatican”=119 Reverse Ordinal

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