Family Guy’s ‘Hot Shots’ episode, November 13, 2016

Coronavirus Entertainment Predictive Programming

Hot Shots equates to 38, the same as ‘pandemic’.

If anyone has time to watch this episode and report back, I’m all ears. Don’t forget how accurately Family Guy forecasted the death of Antonin Scalia by the numbers, and I’m sure there’s been more.

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  1. danbeartrap on August 26, 2020 at 11:26 pm

    Stewie Griffin=201
    Stewart Gilligan Griffin=132
    The Catholic/Jesuit Numbers.
    Hot Shots=124
    Family Guy=124
    South Park had an episode called “Shots” on 10/9/2019 too. It was just after the episode where they made fun of Chinese censorship. Then 2 days later Daryl Morey tweeted about China on the same day the Joker film came out. The Batman shooting in 2012 showed the word Aurora on the “Aurora Plaza” in China during the previews. Anyway, the “Shots” episode was about Cartman turning into a Pig when the doctor tried to give him his vaccines. This was because it was a Chinese Pig year.. Of course, a few months later we then got coronavirus out of China from Bats.

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