Family of reggae singer Yvonne Sterling surprised by her death while hospitalized, January 18, 2021

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The family thought she had turned the corner and was on the way to recovery when she suddenly died January 18, or 1/18, like 118.

Death = 118 *Homicide = 118

Her name had fateful gematria.

Yvonne Sterling = 73 / 199 (46th prime) *Sacrifice = 73 / 46

The date she died can be written 18/1, like 181.

181, 42nd prime *Sirius XM’s channel 42 has been the reggae station for many years…

And notice this news comes the day after, January 19, or 1/19.

Reggae = 119

Don’t overlook that she was 64 years old either. *Kill = 64


  1. Keenan on January 19, 2021 at 9:16 am

    Former LA Rams player Jon Arnett died the same day the Rams were eliminated from the playoffs, falling to 11-7. Jon Arnett=117.
    The news was reported on 1/18. Los Angeles California=118, located on the 118th meridian west.
    There is probably more I’m not aware of.

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