FBI says Brian Sicknick, the Capitol Police Officer who died in January 6, 2021 attacks, was killed by bear spray, February 26, 2021

Federal Government News


This news comes on the 57th day of the year. And apparently, he has died from the results of bear spray.

Having been bear sprayed in the face by Antifa on January 16, 2021, I can tell you it definitely isn’t fun, but death? This doesn’t add up.

Read more about the ongoing Brian Sicknick rituals here.

And keep in mind this comes 51 days after January 6, 2021.

Federal = 51 *Rome = 51/57 *Conspiracy = 51/57

Washington D.C. was once ROME on the Potomac.

And notice the base cipher values for ‘bear spray’.

Masonry = 105
Jesuit = 42 *Freemason = 42 *Brian Sicknick reportedly died at age 42
Federal = 138
Rome = 51 / 57 *Conspiracy = 51 / 57

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