February 23 is officially known as Ahmaud Arbery Day in Georgia & across the U.S. (& the new 2.23-mile run)

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How nice, the 2.23-mile run to remember February 23, or 2/23. And once again, this Ahmaud Arbery shooting was part of the Atlanta Braves rigged World Series.
223, 48th prime
Atlanta = 48
-Feb. 23, 54th day of the year
Ahmaud Arbery = 54
Baseball = 54

In light of the new Ahmaud Arbery Day, think of MLK Day, who is also from Georgia. And where ‘Martin’ equates to 87, so does ‘Ahmaud Arbery Day.’

The race mentioned in the article is in Pickerington.
Pickerington = 66

In light of the whole ‘number of the beast’ connection…
Mark of the Beast = 54


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