Federal criminal investigation underway for Baltimore bridge collapse, April 15, 2024

Bridge Collapse Federal Government News

This April 15, 2024, news comes 258 days after Francis Scott Key’s August 1 birthday anniversary. *Order of Illuminati=258 *Number of the Beast=258

Recall, the Bridge collapse happened three days after its 47th day birtday.
Beast=47 *Authority=47 *Government=47 *Time=47

Remeber, in Cabin In The Woods, the CIA has to make sacrifices to the beast. And it goes with the CIA being established in the year ‘47.

As we know, it was a federal ritual, so go figure, we now have to foot the bill for a “federal investigation.”

And that is perfect because today is April 15, tax day, the day taxes are due.

It is also the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, and its demise had a lot to do with the establishment of the Federal Reserve.

Also, as we discussed, the collapse of the Key Bridge on Nancy Pelosi’s birthday had a lot to do with the other bridge out where she governs, the Golden Gate Bridge, and notice it was shut down by protesters on this same exact day, along with several other bridges in the nation.


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