Federal Reserve Banks open for business, November 16, 1914

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Today is the 109th anniversary of the opening of the Federal Reserve banks, November 16, 1914.

Notice the urge to open them was caused by militaristic reasons.

Funny we hit this anniversary with World War III rumors abound due to what is taking place in Israel with Hamas, and Ukraine, with Russia.

Also noteworthy, World War I and II ended in ’45, and the bank opened on November 16, the day leaving 45 days in the calendar year.
Ritual = 45

From December 23, 1913 to November 16, 1914 was a span of 47 weeks.

Also noteworthy, from the star of World War I, July 28, 1914, to the opening of the banks was 111 days, similar to how World War I ended on 11/11, at the 11th hour.

The war also ended 47 months and 26 days after the November 16, 1914 openings.

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