Former Alabama football star, Santonio Beard, murdered at age 41, just before Super Bowl 56, February 5, 2022

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Dead at 41?
41, 13th prime
Alabama = 13

He was killed February 5, or 2/5.
Georgia just picked up 25th win vs. Alabama in championship

The date can also be written 5/2, like 52.
Super Bowl 56, 52nd of modern era

He died 9-days before his birthday, and #9 Stafford, from Georgia, is in Super Bowl 56.
Super Bowl = 41
LA = 41
-Dead at 41

And in light of the Super Bowl connection, notice his name equates to 56 and 79, like ‘Society of Jesus.’

Also, notice how he is most remembered for scoring 5 TDs in a 42 point win.
Five = 42
February = 42

42 and black history month…

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