Former CNN news assistant Sierra Jenkins kill in Saturday shooting, March 19, 2022

Murder by Numbers News Shooting

This shooting happened on the ‘kill’ date, March 19, 2022.
3/19/2022 = 3+19+20+22 = 64
3/19/22 = 3+19+22 = 44
Kill = 44 / 64
Shooting = 44 / 107 / 109
Jenkins = 44 / 107
Saturn = 107 / 109

Keep in mind today can be written 19/3.
193, 44th prime

It can also be written 3/19.
Killing = 319

And notice she was 25.
Death = 25


  1. ceepup on March 19, 2022 at 8:37 pm

    Haitian American Midwin Charles (July 17, 1973 – April 6, 2021) Veteran CNN and MSNBC legal analyst has died. She was 47.
    Born July 17, 1973
    Brooklyn, New York, United States
    Died April 6, 2021 (aged 47)
    Occupation Lawyer, television reporter Midwin Charles “odd name for a woman”.
    Still as of today no cause of death was reported make you go “hmmmm”….
    Tuesday, April 6, 2021- Midwin Charles 348 ago
    Saturday, March 19, 2022- Sierra Jenkins
    Midwin Charles-138-66-213-78
    media entertainment-190-82-296-107
    Prince Charles, Sierra Jenkins-68

    Result: 348 days

  2. CJ Cheifer on March 20, 2022 at 11:33 am <– I did a date decode on the comparisons between WWI, WWII, Vietnam (which was a Russia/China alliance war that the US LOST btw, and guess who started it? France), and potential Ezekiel 38 (or WWIII?). You mentioned 107, well it's been 107 years since WWI, which started on 7-28-1914, and guess who's 70th birthday is coming up on 10-7? Putin's. So, I'd been thinking that the next major war would start on 7-10, because if it waited until 10-7, it would be 108 years since WWI.

    I had a confirmation from the Lord in a dream a couple of weeks ago (please bear with me non-Christians): It was the dead of night. I was in my living room with my family; looked out the window and saw missiles flying from east to west within America, but close to Canada. I was looking south from the north. Then I saw MRAP vehicles driving along up the highway and down streets. They looked like they were headed east to west also (I live in northeast Montana, and have had many dreams about something seriously bad happening in Washington state). Then I told my daughter to turn off her cell phone so they wouldn't see us because of its light. I already had the other lights off, then I closed the curtains. Then a calendar written in on a piece of paper appears in two columns, no grids, just small numbers (kind of like one of my calendar papers) in two columns. In the first month of the second column, which I assume is July, but the names weren't written on them, the first day became circled in front of my eyes. End of dream.

    All of my window dreams come true, so I consider them prophetic. When looking out the window it represents a glimpse into the future. If Russia attacks, it will be our coasts, then land infiltration; because the starving Russians need grain & cattle (and want gold) as Ezekiel 38 talks about how that will be pillaged and plundered of the land "without walls" when the "wings (US?) will be plucked off the lion (England)." You have to admit, the US is gonna face judgment for the sin its pumping out in Hollywood.

    Anyway, July 1st is the same date calculation as July 10th, July 19th and as July 28th (when WWI started in 1914). It's easy to read this with my 9-Day a Week Calendar… the 7-day one, not so much. Near midnight between July 1st and July 2nd on non-leap years is the absolute midpoint of the year, being that July 1st is day 182/183 (remaining), and July 2nd is day 183/182. In a leap year, July 1st is day 183/183 (remaining). Midnight is important for midpoint in a non-leap year, as midpoint is shared between the two dates, unlike in a leap year. So, if the Ezekiel 38 War begins on July 1, 2022, where it falls on American soil, it will most likely be in the 11th hour of the night. Maybe 11:11pm, or 11:23pm, I personally think it will be 11:23 because of the Fibonacci Sequence for number "1"… some time with numeric significance. If you want to at least see the date calculations for WWI, WWII and Vietnam, they're nearly EXACTLY the same, this will make it easy for you Gematria people to predict exactly when WWIII will start. I didn't use Gematria this time because I wanted to see if I could find synchronicities with dates alone, so… I could use some help in the comments in that video with Gematria synchronicities. The comparisons start at about the 10 min mark. Thanks for reading this long dissertation. 😇

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