Former Falcon & 49er, Fulton Kuykendall, dead at 70, February 15, 2024

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Next year is Super Bowl 59 *Gritz Blitz=59 *Atlanta, Georgia=59

#54, Fulton Keykendall, has died on the 251st day of his age, the 54th prime number. Of course, his death comes four days after Super Bowl 58, the 54th Super Bowl of the modern era, and in his career he played for the 49ers, who lost in Super Bowl 54 to the Chiefs as well.
Joe Montana=54
Jesuit Order=54

Notice the emphasis on Kaptain Krazy.

Kaptain Krazy=54, 72 & 153 *Jesuit Order=54, 72 & 153

His name also equates to 89, like how Mahomes got his 89th win over the 49ers, his former team.
89, 24th prime (Missouri, 24th state) (Chiefs picked up 24th playoff win in SB 58)

Notice he died on the 46th day of the year, and the 49ers were established in ’46. They also currently play in Levi’s Stadium.
Levi’s Stadium=46

For one more, he died on a Thursday.
Kuykendall=35 & 116
Thursday=35 & 116
Super Bowl=35

Also, his last season with the 49ers was 1985, 38 years before last season.

Finally, notice where him dying at 70 ties in with his main team, the ‘Falcons.’

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