Former MLB player Charles Haeger found dead at the Grand Canyon, just before the 116th World Series, October 4, 2020

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Number 37, for the Los Angeles Dodgers?

Los Angeles = 37 (He died 14 days after 37th birthday)

*Bryant = 37 (Dead on 37 year anniversary of Bear Bryant)

This is the year of the 116th World Series, which begins October 20, 2020, 16 days after this news (and 17 days after his death). Keep in mind today leaves 88 days in the year and the Dodgers haven’t won the World Series since ’88. Furthermore, Grand Canyon equates to 116, and he was found dead there.

As you’ll read, his body was found yesterday, the day leaving 89 days in the year.

Los Angeles Dodgers = 89 *Jackie Robinson = 89

*Los Angeles, California = 89

His name has the following gematria.

241, 53rd prime (Los Angeles = 53)

Los Angeles, California = 118 *118 Meridian West

He was found dead 14 days after his 37th birthday.

Dead = 14 *End = 14

Career Stats:

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