Former UCLA basketball player & brother of Aaron Gordon, dead at 33, in 33rd state, as NBA Finals are set, May 30, 2024

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He died 323 days after his birthday *LA is the (323) area code
He died 43 days before his birthday *RIP=43 *Killing=43 *Masonic=43 *Colorado=43 (Where his brother plays)

Drew Gordon was announced dead while Luka Doncic was on 33 points, and in this case, Drew Gordon died in the 33rd state, Oregon, as the NBA Finals were set.

Keep in mind Bill Walton just died, who went to UCLA like Drew Gordon, and Bill Walton also won the state of Oregon its only NBA Finals. *NBA Finals=33

Bill Walton finished his career with the Celtics. *Drew Gordon=48 *Boston Celtics=48

Joe Biden’s Secret Service name is Celtics & this news came the day of the Trump guilty verdict, a big 48 & 60 spectacle. *Drew Gordon=48 & 60
-Donald Trump=48 & 60
-Alvin Bragg=48 & 60
-Indictment=48 & 60

The divisors of 33 sum to 48…

Keep in mind Drew Gordon’s brother is Aaron Gordon, of the Denver Nuggets. *Nuggets=33

His car accident report is from the police. *Police=33 *Order=33 *Secrecy=33 *Masonry=33

Keep in mind the Celtics are going for their 83rd win in the Finals all-time.
Drew Edward Gordon=83

83 is the 23rd prime number, and this season began in ’23.


  1. GregRamsey74 on May 31, 2024 at 4:01 pm

    #30, father of 3, died 3-days after Bill Walton;”Three Days” = 48(Celtics won by 3 in their last game, same day as Walton’s death)
    “Drew Gordon died three days after Bill Walton” = 606(Finals begin on 6/6, the Celtics’ birthday)
    He was 38-years younger than Walton as well;”Oregon” = 38;”Finals” = 38;”Murder” = 38;”Death” = 38;”RIP” = 38
    He died ‘seven days,’ or ‘one week’ before the beginning of the NBA Finals;”Seven Days” = 33;”One Week” = 33
    Game One is set to begin at 8:30 on 6/6;”Game One” = 33;”Thirty Three” = 66 *all games but game 2&7 begin at 8:30
    He died a span of 22-days from Game 7;”Basketball” = 22;”Game Seven” = 44;”Kill” = 44
    He died 155-days before the anniversary of the NBA’s first ever basketball game;”Christianity” = 155
    Or a span of 156-days;”Boston Celtics” = 156;”Thirty Three” = 156;”As Above, So Below” = 156
    He died a span of 160-days from Bill Walton’s birthday;”Dead at 33″ = 160
    Gordon died 207-days after Bill Walton’s birthday, who died on the same day the Celtics and Pacers combined for 207-points.
    He died 131-days after the 4-year anniversary of David Stern’s death;”Championship” = 131
    He died 251-days after David Stern’s birthday anniversary;251, the 54th prime;”Jesuit Order” = 54
    Drew died on the 258th day of Aaron Gordon’s 28th birthday;”Number of the Beast”= 258;”Kill” = 28
    Aaron Gordon scored 4-points in his last game(4 & death). *The Nuggets finished with 33-wins at home for the season

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