“Four” possibilities on Kremlin’s Wednesday, May 5, 2023 drone attack

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Notice the overlap with ‘Wednsday,’ ‘military,’ and ‘Kremlin.’

Keep in mind Putin’s birthday is October 7, or 10/7 (like 107), and that the military conflict with Ukraine began on the 55th day of the year.
Wednesday = 37 & 44
Military = 37 & 44 & 107
Kremlin = 107

Keep in mind today is 137 days after the Pope’s birthday.
137, 33rd prime
False Flag = 33 (The US is calling this a false flag)

Today is also 172 days after the Superior General’s birthday.
Ad maiorem Dei gloriam = 172

It is also a Wednesday, reminding that Osama bin Laden was born on 10/3, and Pan Am 103. That’s because Wednesday is named after Mercury. *Mercury = 103

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