Fresh Kills landfill full of 9/11 debris to be made into park by 2036

History Predictive Programming Terrorism

Fresh Kills is being made into a park, and CNN launched the news on the 19 year anniversary of 9/11, in the middle of Covid, and just two weeks before Jeff Bezos released his remake of Utopia? Wow.
Fresh Kills = 119
Park = 19

You know all the 119 and 19 rituals with 9/11, and clearly they’re not over. As I always say, the story will continue, by the numbers, as long as these same controllers continue to rule.

FYI, the park is supposed to open in 2036, 35 years later.

Would you be surprised if it ended up being 2040, 39 years later, in ‘New York?’

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