From Travis Scott’s Fortnite concert to the November 5, 2021 tragedy (the Jesuit-Jesus ritual)

Celebrity Entertainment Jesuit Murder by Numbers New World Order Predictive Programming

From the start of Travis Scott’s Fortnite concert start to the tragedy on November 5, 2021, was 561 days
561, 33rd triangular number
Concert = 33
Epic = 33 (Who makes Fortnite)

Keep in mind the stage at the Astroworld tragedy was a cross, and Jesus was crucified at 33.

On top of that, the ritual took place on the 25 year anniversary of the Makaveli album releasing, which featured Tupac on the cross.

25-year anniversary *Death = 25* Time = 25 *Tupac died at age 25

November 5 leaves 56 days in the year
Society of Jesus = 56
-It is associated with S.J. Guy Fawkes

From April 25, the last day of the concert to the tragedy was a span of 560-days (key digits 5 & 6).

And notice it was 18 months and 13 days, similar to Revelation 13:18 in reverse, relating to 666. That said, Revelation 18:13 relates to human slavery.
Concert = 666

And for one last point, it is 46.
Houston, Texas = 46
Astroworld = 46
Fortnite = 46
Sacrifice = 46

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