GameStop & AMC stocks surge May 13, before heavy volatility May 14, 2024

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Roaring Kitty is the story, but it’s just part of the ritual in the ongoing number games.
Roaring Kitty=68 *Market=68 *Stock=68

And notice that GameStop soared on May 13, or 13/5, like 135, the ‘Wall Street’ number.

Remember when we agreed to send all the money to the original home of the Ashkenazi Jews, Ukraine (and Russia), as well as Israel, on what would have been Hitler’s 135th birthday, April 20, 2024?

Now today, May 14, the 135th day of the leap year, the stock shotup more, and then cooled off and came back down, but is still up for the day. Anyhow, it is just more proof of how rigged the market is. It truly is a game, but when will it stop?

AMC has also followed a similar pattern.

Read more about the Jesuit fingerprints all over past GameStop & AMC rituals.

Keep in mind tomorrow is the 136th day of the year. *Stock Market=136

GameStop=39 *DowJones=39 *New York=39 (the Market is in the 39k range at the time of this ritual).

Read about the Dow Jones hitting 39,000 for the first time here.

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