Gary Knafelc’s death announced during Packers MNF win over Rams, December 19, 2022

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Gary Knafelc’s death was announced during the fourth quarter of Monday Night Football, as the Packers improved to 6-8 for the season. Of course, caskets go six feet deep, and are eight feet long. In addition to that, this is the 103rd NFL season, and Rodgers picked up a highly symbolic win on this same date, during the time of Saturnalia, Monday, December 19, 2022.

And not only did he died in the 103rd NFL season, he died on the 103rd day of this NFL season, which began on September 8, 2022

Recall when the Packers beat the Bears 10-3, 103 days from the death of Bart Starr.

Keep in mind the Jesuit, Vince Lombardi, who died in a Jesuit ritual himself, at Georgetown, made Green Bay the town it is.

Notice he became a Hall of Famer in ’76 , 46 years ago.
Lambeau Field = 46
Sacrifice = 46
Catholic = 46
*Chicago = 46 (Birthplace of the NFL)

And notice he joined the Packers in ’54.
Jesuit Order = 54
-Green Bay, Wisconin = 84
-The Jesuit Order = 84
-The Catholic Church = 84
-Jesuit = 84

—Green Bay, Wisconsin = 87
—Clermont, Florida = 87 (Where he died)
—Monday Night Football = 87
—The Catholic Church = 87
—Number of the Beast = 87
—Rodgers got his 87th reg. season home win in this game

ALSO, Rodgers picked up his 93rd home win in this Saturnalia game, and Saturn is associated with the Grim Reaper in the realm of the occult.

Harbaugh picked up his 93rd loss this weekend, and so did Rivera. 93 rituals were 3-0 in the NFL this Saturnalia weekend.

This ritual also goes with Lombardi dying on September 3, or 9/3.

Georgetown = 57 (Age of death, and location of death)
Catholic = 71 (Georgetown is a Jesuit-Catholic University)

Roman Catholicism = 97

Rodgers picked up his 97th total home win (including as a backup) last night. Lombardi was buried on September 7, or 9/7.

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