Gavin Newsom to shut Walgreens out of California state business following abortion pill decision, March 6, 2023

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Notice that Walgreens decision pertained to 21 states, and Gavin Newsom’s rebutall comes exactly 21 weeks after his birthday. It’s a perfect ritual for the Jesuit scumbag.
Jesuit = 21
Newsom = 73 (21st prime)

The 147 days is also a reminder that Roe v. Wade was overturned on modern Freemasonry’s birthday, June 24.
Freemason = 147

This ritual also came on date with 52 numerology.
California = 52
Gavin Newsom = 52
3/6/2023 = 3+6+20+23 = 52


  1. Gunnar Grossdeutschland on March 8, 2023 at 8:17 am

    “But everywhere around the world, Christians have approached the lowest stratum. And the poor have been there always; but to exploit their poverty to increase the population of your religion is sheer politics — ugly, mean. Politics is a game of numbers. How many Christians you have in the world — that is your power. The more Christians there are, the more power is in the hands of Christian priesthood. Nobody is interested in saving anybody, but just in increasing the population. What Christianity has been doing is continually issuing orders from the Vatican against birth control, saying it is a sin to use birth control methods; it is sin to believe in abortion or to propagate abortion, or to make it legal.
    “Do you think they are interested in the unborn children? They are not interested, they have nothing to do with those unborn children. They pursue their interest knowing perfectly well that if abortion is not practiced, if birth control methods are not practiced, then this whole humanity is going to commit a global suicide. And it is not so far away that you cannot see the situation. Within just a few decades, the world population might be such that it will be impossible to survive. Either you will have to go into a third world war … which will be a safer method to solve the problem; people will die more quickly, more easily, more comfortably with nuclear weapons than with hunger. Hunger can keep you alive for ninety days, and those ninety days will be really a torture. I know about hunger in India. Mothers have sold their children just for one rupee. Mothers have eaten their own children. You cannot conceive where hunger can lead you.
    “But the Vatican keeps coming out with the same message to humanity — “Abortion is sin. Birth control is sin.” Now, nowhere in the Bible is abortion sin. Nowhere in the Bible is birth control sin, because no birth control was needed. Out of ten children, nine were going to die. That was the proportion, and it was the same proportion in India just thirty or forty years ago: Out of ten children, only one would survive. Then the population was not so great, not so heavy on the resources of the earth. Now, even in India, out of ten children, only one dies. So medical science goes on helping people to survive, and Christianity goes on opening hospitals and distributing medicines, and Mother Teresa is there to praise you and the pope is going to bless you if you don’t practice birth control. There are all kinds of associations working in underdeveloped countries to distribute Bibles and to distribute these stupid ideas that birth control is a sin. The whole interest is in bringing many more children into the world, many more orphans into the world. Make it so overcrowded, so poor, that Christianity can become the universal religion. That has been their ambition for two thousands years. It has to be exposed. This ambition is inhuman; and if I have been criticizing Christianity it is not without reason.”

    Excerpt from:
    The Book of Understanding: Creating Your Own Path to Freedom
    Copyright 2006
    Published by Harmony Books, an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group, a division of Random House, Inc., New York
    Pages 42-43

    To sum it all up:

    “Man’s plans cannot cure human ills because his schemes are the very cause of social chaos.” Vernon Howard

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