George Carlin’s June 22, 2008 death at age 71, in light of growing up ‘Catholic’

Catholic Church Celebrity Entertainment Jesuit Murder by Numbers

Notice George Carlin’s full name, George Denis Patrick Carlin, equates to 144, the same as ‘Jesuit Order’.

He was raised Catholic and died at age 71.

Seventy-One = 144

He died on his 42nd day of being 71 years old.

He died on a date with 56 numerology.

6/22/2008 = 6+22+20+08 = 56

He died at St. John’s in ‘Santa Monica’.

Watch his interview with Larry King from July 20, 1990, and pay attention to what he had to say about the Catholic Church. Of course, July 20 is the 201st day of the year.

George Carlin got his start at a coffeehouse called ‘The Cellar’.

The Cellar = 84 *Jesuit = 84 *The Jesuit Order = 84

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