George Floyd autopsy reveals he had coronavirus, June 3, 2020, the 155th day of the year

Coronavirus News
Liberties are being traded for securities. *Security t-shirt
Security = 39 *George = 39 *Floyd = 39

This is the big George Floyd news on June 3, the 155th day of 2020.

Keep in mind, George Floyd died 142-days before his 47th birthday.

October 14 leaves 78-days left in the year *Wuhan Coronavirus = 78

April 3? That is the 93rd day of the year in a non-leap-year, the 94th in 2020. *Minneapolis, Minnesota = 93 (93rd Meridian West)

It was the encoding of 94 that allowed us to predict protesting and rioting during the time of coronavirus. Read more here:

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