George Floyd, from Houston, said he was “sleepy” while being pinned by Derek Chauvin

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Round 1, Pick 13, just like Kobe Bryant in 1996

In light of George Floyd saying he was “sleepy” while having the knee of Derek Chauvin pressed into the back of his neck, May 25, 2020, the 146th day of the year, and Floyd being from Houston, where Sleepy Floyd used to play for the Rockets, take a look at the gematria of Eric Floyd, Sleepy’s name.

Eric… Eric Garner?

Eric Floyd is also 60 years old at this time, and as we know, this ritual took place on the 60th birthday of Amy Klobuchar:

Keep in mind the video went viral the day after the incident, on May 26.

And for one more, it took place 80 days after Sleepy Floyd’s birthday.

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