George Floyd was a Houston rapper who worked with DJ Screw (RIP, November 16, 2020)

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George Floyd sums to 119 and DJ Screw died 119 days after his birthday.

Floyd was killed by Derek Chauvin. *Chauvin = 33 *Police = 33

George Floyd died on the 44th parallel north, at the knee of a 44 year old officer, and the artist name DJ Screw sums to 44.

Floyd was killed on 38th street…

*Rapper = 38 *Minnesota = 38 *Death = 38 *Dead on 38th Street

Also, they are saying George Floyd was killed at age the of 46, which stands out in light of his connection to ‘rap’ and ‘Houston, Texas’.

He was killed on 38th and Chicago…

Keep in mind the band THE POLICE recorded the song MURDER BY NUMBERS… And don’t overlook the 3 and 8 on the movie poster with the same title…

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