George Floyd’s 20-years on the TGBTG Quest Team and the Jesuits in light of his May 25, 2020 death

Catholic Church Jesuit Sports

George Floyd played for the TGBTG Quest Team for 20-years…

TGBTG Quest Team sums to 201 and 177.

Read more about Geoge Floyd and 201:

Notice TGBTG sums to 56 and 79, the same as ‘Society of Jesus’, the official the name of The Jesuit Order.

It’s the Jesuits! I know you already knew.

Notice the cross.
Quest = 26; Floyd = 26
Manly P. Hall says the U.S. was founded by the Order of the Quest

A Jesuit motto is “For the greater glory of God.”

To God be the Glory Sports?

Read about the Jesuit “201 ritual” with the killing of George Floyd:


  1. Andrius Streit on April 15, 2021 at 12:05 pm

    Hey Zach, ever notice how the memorial for Floyd on the website shows a link w his tshirt jersey as #11? Wasn’t able to confirm if that’s the jersey number he wore, but interesting tribute possibly to the connection w 9/11 and his murder taking place in the twin cities. Just a thought.

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