George Santos becomes the sixth member of US congress to be expelled, December 1, 2023

Federal Government History News

As explained for the last year, George Santos was a ‘Revelation’ riddle, and a tribute to The Synagogue of Satan, a perfect story for 2023.

Today is 12/1 as we write it in the United States. *Revelation=121

The year is 2023. *The Synagogue of Satan=223 *Philadelphia=223 *Anthony Devolder=223

Today is 132 days after his birthday. Revelation 13:2 is about the beast.
United States of America=132
Roman Catholic=132
Catholic Church=132

You could also say it was his 133rd day of his age. *Government=133

Him being 35 fits the ritual. *Catholic=35, Satan=35, Baphomet=35

For more on the Satan part… *George Santos=55, Satan=55, December=55

It is also exactly 19 weeks into his age. *Expel=19

They’re calling this “history,” thus the 114 dissenting votes. *History=114

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