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Jesuits operate in 112 countries *Catholicism = 112
*Vatican = 119 *Francis = 119
*231 points, 21st triangular number *Jesuit = 21

Giannis made the came 17-2 with a big dunk, like 172.

Jordan’s birthday in 17/2 (172) *Jesuit = 84 (Jordan, 1984)

This game was played July 31, 2020, the day leaving 153 days in the year.

The Bucks picked up their 54th win on ESPN.

The second game on ESPN was Houston over Dallas, and we had them both right, plus almost everything else the last two days. Sports are back on Patreon, don’t miss out: https://patreon.com/zacharykhubbard

Notice Houston scored 153…

*Rockets = 28 (Dallas picks up 28th loss)
*Dallas = 41 (Houston picks up 41st win)

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