GILEAD: The Handmaid’s Tale meets Covid-19

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As I stated in the post VENUS: The Sacred Feminine and the Battle for Humanity, VENUS is a metaphor for the force of love and emotion; properties that make humans human, and distinguish them from machines.

An anti-human esoteric agenda will repeatedly ritually destroy that which makes us human. Women are used in these rituals, to symbolize the goddess.

Corona Virus is an example: ‘COR’ is Latin for ‘HEART’ (English CORONAry). The heart is a symbol of the human (Venus) qualities of love and emotion.

Prominent women in the world synchronize with VENUS in Gematria and astrology.

The Gematria value of VENUS most used is 54.

The zodiac signs ruled by the planet VENUS are TAURUS and LIBRA.

  • Taurus, Libra and 54 come up repeatedly with famous women in world history. Examples: Queen Elizabeth II of Britain is a TAURUS.
  • Staying in Britain: the former Prime Minister – and second female in British history to occupy the position – is Theresa May (born October 1st); a LIBRA, which is ruled by the planet VENUS. TAURUS – in the tropical zodiac – is also ruled by the planet VENUS. TAURUS is primarily during the month of MAY. Her last name MAY gives her double Venus symbolism.
  • The first female British Prime Minister is Margaret Thatcher, born October 13th, making her a LIBRA.
  • A current prominent American female politician is New York Congress woman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with the same birthday October 13th.
  • Another high-profile American Congress Woman is Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar who is also a LIBRA; born October 4th.
  • U.S. Senator for California – and 2020 Presidential candidate Kamala Harris is also a LIBRA; born October 20th.
  • The first female permanent Director of the CIA is Gina Haspel whose birthday is October 1st; a LIBRA.
  • U.S. Supreme Court justice Elena Kagan is a TAURUS; born April 28th.
  • Another female Supreme Court Justice is Sonia Sotomayor who was born in the year ’54.
  • The first female head-of-state of Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel was also born in the year ’54.
  • The first official female multi-billionaire Oprah Winfrey was also born in ’54.
  • The first female U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice is Sandra Day O’Connor.

Her name sums to 251. 251 is the 54th prime number.

  • The first African-American First Lady of the United States is Michelle Obama, whose name sums to 54.
  • Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service code name is EVERGREEN, which sums to 54.

There are more examples, but VENUS and 54 are undeniably used for narratives involving females: such as the dystopian web tv drama


The Handmaid’s Tale premiered on April 26th, a date under TAURUS.

Some people theorize that a massive world population-reduction plan is under way. The Georgia Guidestones are a basis for that belief.

They preach an ideal world population of half-a-billion. This would require a reduction of over 7 billion people.

A possible cause for population-reduction is mass infertility. A vaccine or a drug could hypothetically cause infertility.

The name of the dystopian state in The Handmaid’s Tale is GILEAD.

From Wikipedia’s synopsis of The Handmaid’s Tale :

The leading prospect for a COVID-19 retroviral drug is made by a pharmaceutical company named GILEAD (logo below).

The most vivid image from The Handmaid’s Tale is the distinct red-and-white clothing and head-gear that the fertile women are forced to wear; reminiscent of the red-and-white GILEAD Sciences logo.


The 54 Gematria VENUS code comes into play with The Handmaid’s Tale :

The lead character is named OFFRED,

played by Elisabeth Moss.

Could approval of GILEAD Sciences’ drug be a bad omen for the future of human fertility?


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