Google’s 20-for-1 stock split plans approved on February 1, 2022, the first day of the Year of the Tiger (Jesuits in plain sight)

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On Tuesday, the first day of the Year of the Tiger, February 1, 2022, Google announced a 20-1 stock split. And what a perfect day for the 201 ritual that was.

*Tuesday is named after Mars, the Roman God of War.

Once again, Google celebrates its birthday on September 27, the day in history the Jesuits were recognized by Rome

This news came 7-months and 22-days after Sundar Pichai’s June 10th birthday.
22 divided by 7 is Pi
Life of Pi (Indian man & Tiger)

227, 49th prime (He is 49)
227 days on the life boat in Life of Pi

July 1, 2022 will come 150-days after the February 1, 2022 agreement.
Illuminati = 150
Order of Illuminati = 201
Heliocentrism = 150 / 201


  1. GEMATRIACANTSAVE on February 4, 2022 at 11:24 am

    Satan’s jesuit order will get their kingdom of the beast… you won’t stop anything Zach being part of the darkness with them hating the truth which is the Lord Jesus Christ.

    All your work is in one sentence from my Father in eternity. (Revelation 17:18)

    Get illuminated by what is coming and get your name in the book of life:

    THE SCRIPTures will be fulfilled. THUS SAITH THE LORD.

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