Governor Jay Inslee orders Yakima County of Washington State to wear masks, June 20, 2020

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Notice, Yakima County of Washington state was founded January 21, and this year, on its 155th birthday, coronavirus was confirmed in the United States, not too far away, in Seattle, Washington.

This news for mandatory masks comes June 20, 2020 151 days after January 21, 2020.

Research The Great Reset, announced June 3, 2020, the 155th day of the year and set for January 2021:

All of this ties in with Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.  The goals arrived at from those conferences were named ‘Sustainable Development Goals’.

The first case in the U.S. confirmed in Seattle on January 21, reportedly arrived on January 15, a date that can be written 15/1, like 151.

This news also comes on Inslee’s 133rd day of his age.

Keep in mind today is June 20, or 20/6, like (206), the Seattle area code, the city that is responsible for much of this agenda, and about a 3 hour drive or 30 minute plane flight from Yakima.

Today is also 89 days after the state’s stay at home orders began on March 23, 2020.

In light of it being 19 weeks into Jay Inslee’s age, on the nose, don’t forget the order out of chaos agenda…

Ordo Ab Chao = 46

6/20/2020 = 6+20+(2+0+2+0) = 26

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