Grayson Murray, PGA golfer, dead at 30, Saturday, May 25, 2024

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This 30-year-old is dead on a Saturday, named after Saturn, the planet connected to death and judgment, that has a 30-year-return.

Grayson Murray has died 195 days after the Superior General’s 75th birthday.

He died 33 weeks and 6 days after his last birthday, or exactly 34 weeks into his age.
Murder=34 *Poison=34

That means he died 237 days after his birthday, and the first PGA tournament he ever won was on July 23, 2017, a date that can be written 23/7, like 237.

That also means he died in his 83rd month since that win. *Murder=83

His death comes on a date with 38 & 74 numerology. *Killing=38 & 74

Notice his highest rank was 46. *Sacrifice=46 (Genesis=46)

Notice his last win was January 14, 132 days before his death.
United States of America=132 *Roman Catholic=132 *Catholic Church=132

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