H.R. 6666 (May 1, 2020), the Contact Tracing Act

Coronavirus Government Police State Religion


H.R. 6666 is the bill to contact trace everyone?

As we’ve been discussing, 666 the ‘number of the beast’ has been encoded all over this surveillance agenda, which is what contact tracing is.


Notice how TRACE and BEAST overlap.

TRACE = 20 (It is 2020)

Keep in mind this was introduced May 1, the Bavarian Illuminati’s birthday, and what is typically the 121st day of the year, the ‘Revelation’ number. Of course, the significance of 666 comes from ‘Revelation’.

Notice the name Bobby L. Rush sums to 56, like ‘coronavirus’.

The bill is related to the CARES Act, originally introduced by Joe Courtney, a name also summing to 56.

56 galore.


In light of the four sixes, or 6666, these “46” words relate.

Order Out of Chaos in Latin is Ordo Ab Chao.

Joe Courtney is out of Connecticut.

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