Harrison Butker sets media on fire suggesting that women prefer making babies to work, May 16, 2024 news

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Harrison Butker’s news came Thursday, May 16, 2024 exactly 95 days after he won the Super Bowl, on the Vatican’s 95th birthday. And keep in mind ‘Thursday’ has that ‘Catholic’ connection.
Catholic=35 & 46 *Thursday=35 & 46

His name ties in as well. *Harrison Butker=71 & 199 (46th prime) *Catholic=71 & 46

Notice that his remarks were made to the Benedictine College, reminding us that Pope Benedict died at age 95, a ritual going with Martin Luther, the German, pinning the 95 Theses.

And as you can see, the remarks were made Made 13, but it is easy to understand why the story was saved for five days later.

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