Trap for Truth Community| The fake Simpsons episode that the ‘Justice for George’ imagery appeared in

News Predictive Programming

Notice the foot and shoe of the officer is missing.

This looks like a contrived image to setup the truth community. The news media is already saying that this image does not appear in the March 17, 1996 episode, #146. Of course, the mainstream media has an interest in denouncing the truth that The Simpsons have been connected to predictive programming of news numerous times, from 9/11 to President Trump.

Keep in mind Matt Groening is the writer of the Simpson’s, his full name Matthew Abraham Groening having the 119 gematria.

Notice how the name ‘George Floyd’ fits in.

And don’t ever forget the September 11 predictive programming from the same show.

Donald Trump was announced as President elect, another 11/9 date.

For another 119, think ‘Vatican’.

Notice how ‘Justice for George’ sums to 84, like Jesuit.

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