Henry Kissinger’s remarks about Israel won’t last in 10 years, September 17, 2012

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The published story, September 17, 2012, came 113 days after Henry Kissinger’s May 27th birthday, having the same birthday as the Golden Gate Bridge. If you don’t know about 113, read more here.

Pedestrian Day=141/60/210/75

He was 89 years old at the time. *Religion=89 (89 chapters in New Testament) *Chaos=89

Keep in mind September 17 leaves 105 days in the year. *Bible=105

It’s a special number, connecting big things, related through the Church and the Jesuits.
Order of Illuminati=105 *Masonry=105 *Bible=105

Israel turns 76 this year, a big number in San Francisco, the land of the ‘Golden Gate,’ terminology that also applies to the Temple Mount in Israel. Recall the recent protest on the Golden Gate Bridge.
San Francisco=76


  1. DIVINE NUMBERSS on May 14, 2024 at 4:24 pm

    Imagine covering everything Months LATER and hiding a book written and published 3 years ago about when this bridge will collapse all because of ego smh you dont want to help anyone who travels across this bridge. On the contrary you want them all to perish, you say it all the time, you often call for genocide and depopulation. You are a pos and a liar, a fraud and as evil as the elite.

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