Herman Cain dies at 74 weeks after contracting Covid-19 & on his 33rd week of his age, July 30, 2020 news

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Notice the emphasis on ‘we’re heartbroken’.

Herman Cain is dead at 74, on his 33rd week of his age.


He has died a span of 41 days from the Tulsa, Oklahoma rally.

That means he has died on Trump’s 47th day of being 74 years old.

President = 47 *White House= 47 *Government = 47 *Authority = 47

*Republican = 47 *Democrat = 47 *D.C. = 47

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  1. Cartero on July 30, 2020 at 11:53 am

    Just to expand, today is a date with 77 (7+30+20+20) numerology, with Atlanta, GA adding up to 77 (EO). Atlanta, GA also adds up to 58 (RR), which is the same as Herman Cain (RR). The “Pillsbury Company”, where he worked as a business executive for their subsidiary franchises, also has a 77 connection (FR) and 85 (RR), which is the same as Atlanta, Georgia (RR). Pillsbury Company also adds to 211 (FR), the 47th prime.
    Adding onto 58, it’s the 271st day of Governor Brian Kemp’s 56th year, the 58th prime.
    As a part of Pillsbury, Cain was best known for being the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, which adds to 181 (EO), the 42nd prime. Don’t need to go into how that’s significant.
    Today is also a date with 41 numerology (7+30+2+0+2+0), adding to the Tulsa connection.
    And don’t forget the “6 weeks and 5 days” after Trump’s birthday. Pandemic = 65, which is what apparently caused Mr. Cain’s death.

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