History Channel’s Unexplained talks about potential military weather control experiments in Bloomfield, Michigan in 1942 (the Jesuit code)

History Jesuit Military New World Order Secret Societies Weather World War

Bloomfield, Michigan, has a lot to do with ‘weather control’ in #Gematria.

The 177 should stand out.

The Jesuits are the military order of the Catholic Church *Catholic Church=69 & 75 *New World Order=69 & 75 *Illuminati=69

Notice this episode debuted April 3, the 93rd day of the year in non leap years.

Remember, the Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt, established the Illuminati.
Order of Illuminati=201 & 93
Sun, 93 mil. mi. aways / avg

Read about the tornadoes in the United States on May 6 & May 7, the 177th day of the Superior General’s age, 75, and the day that was 177 days after his 75th birthday. It’s more of the same.

For one last point, it is the value of Bloomfield, Michigan.
*Bloomfield Michigan=94 & 95 *Roman Catholic Church=94
-The Jesuits were recognized on September 27 by Rome
-September 27 leaves 95 days in the year
-Their mission was to stop the movement of the 95 Theses (Protestant Reformation)

*You’ll notice the 95 in the story from May 7, 2024, the one about the tornadoes in Michigan that wiped out the FedEx location, on the 177th day of the Superior General’s age, 75.


  1. GregRamsey74 on May 8, 2024 at 6:49 pm

    The Michigan Wolverines won the College Football National Championship a span of 87-days from the 4-year anniversary of this episode.
    “Tornado” = 87
    The episode debuted on the 69th day of Michigan’s founding anniversary.
    “Weather Control” = 69;”Illuminati” = 69;”Catholic Church” = 69
    This episode also came 93-days after the one year anniversary of the Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer taking office.
    The episode aired during her 49th birthday while she is the 49th Governor of Michigan;”Revelation” = 49
    Michigan lost their 24th game in basketball, 27-days before this episode aired, going with these tornadoes in Michigan in ’24;”Ritual” = 27
    “Weather” = 37(Michigan was founded on 1837, emphasis on ’37)

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