History repeats, auto-parts store burns in Minneapolis in 2020, just like it did in Ferguson in 2014

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Recall, in Ferguson, the O’Reilly auto-parts burned…

O’Reilly was chosen for the 42 code.

Just like how when they put out the image of the officer who killed Michael Brown, Darren Wilson, he was wearing a Blues t-shirt with the number 42 on it.

You know what 42 represents…

The latest killing comes on Memorial Day, connecting to 42.

Jackie = 42

February = 42

Brothers = 42

Tuskegee = 42

Slavery = 42

Nigger = 42

Martin = 42

Malcolm X = 42

Muhammad Ali = 42

LeBron James = 42

Bus = 42

In Ferguson the police officer was Darren Wilson, in Minneapolis it is Derek Chauvin.

Now in Minneapolis, the Autozone auto-parts has burned…

As for the Target that also burned in Minneapolis… recall, the video of the George Floyd killing went viral on the 26th of May.

And don’t get me started on Amy Cooper choking her dog, the same day, in an act of recorded racism, in Central ‘Park’.

Also, in light of Ferguson happening nearly six years earlier, one wonders if it is an accident the person who filmed the George Floyd incident, was sure to capture the “6” on the side of the garbage can near the scene of the crime.

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