House Ethics Committee releases its report on George Santos, Thursday, November 16, 2023 (and he won’t run for reelection)

Biblical Catholic Church Federal Government Jewish Related News
Substantial Evidence=119 *All Seeing Eye=119

This news comes on a 35 Thursday, and again, George Santos is a Catholic who claimed to be a Jew.
Thursday=35 & 46
Catholic=35 & 46

Notice he is 35-years-old.

Today through December 31 are the last 46 days of the year.

This comes in the time of #46, Joe Biden, the nation’s second Catholic US President. Of course, the first, JFK, was killed at age 46. He was also #35, and George Santos is 35 right now.
Thursday=35 & 46
Catholic=35 & 46

Catholic=145, George Santos=145

This is also happening in the 46th week of 2023.


In response, Santos has said he won’t run for reelection.

Today is 11 months and 20 days before the November 5, 2024 election.

Joe Biden has an 11/20 birthday, in four days (same birthday as RFK).

This biblical tribute ends on November 16, the day leaving 45 days in the year.
Holy Bible = 45 & 45 (Santos was a tribute to Revelation 3:7)
Anthony Devolder=223
The Synagogue of Satan=223

This news, November 16, is also the first of the last 46 days of the year (thus why there are 45 days after it). Anthony Devolder, aka George Santos, is Catholic, though he claimed to be a jew.

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