House of Cards, Lupercalia and the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris Narrative

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The wolf (lupus in Latin); a symbol of Rome

In many people’s minds Joe Biden’s inability to finish his term as President – and a Kamala Harris Presidency – is virtual certainty; not a matter of if but when.

Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions known as Great Conjunctions occur every twenty years and coincide with United States presidential elections. Every U.S President that won an election around a Great Conjunction has either died in office or survived an assassination attempt.

Joe Biden is the latest to be elected in a “Conjunction Year.”

Even if one does not believe that the alignment of planets could possibly have anything to do with the fate of U.S. Presidents, the pattern itself is undeniable: every twenty years going back to 1840.


Life has imitated art over again, serving as predictive programming for future events. A Kamala Harris Presidency has been indicated by The Simpsons animated sitcom that has also predicted numerous other real life occurrences. The March 19th, 2000 episode “Bart to the Future” not only predicted the exact attire and accoutrement that Kamala Harris would wear on Inauguration Day , but also predicted that she would proceed Donald Trump and a poor economy.

Another possible “life imitates art” predictive program is the HBO series VEEP starring Julia Louis Dreyfus as Selina Meyer, a US Senator who runs for U.S. President, fails in the Primary, gets picked as a VP running mate, becomes the first female Vice President of the United States, and then becomes U.S. President when the male President cannot complete his term.

At one point she becomes the 47th U.S. President.

Selina Meyer (Julia Louis Dreyfus) being sworn as the first female U.S. President in VEEP

Another possible predictive program is Netflix series House of Cards which depicts the first female Vice President in American history becoming the first female President of the United States after the male President is unable to complete his term.

Claire Hale Underwood (played by Robin Wright) becomes the 47th President of the United States of America. Kamala Harris would be the 47th President of the United States of America should Joe Biden fail to complete his term.

President Claire Hale Underwood in House of Cards

In House of Cards Claire Underwood becomes President after the President resigns less a month after inauguration.

If life imitates art in this instance then Kamala Harris would assume office in February. Based on the code which I have revealed in previous posts, a likely date would be February 15th, date of the Roman observance of Lupercalia.


152 is the most central number to the Kamala Harris narrative, outside of the number 71.

Her full name “KAMALA DEVI HARRIS” sums to 152 in gematria.

“FEMALE PRESIDENT” sums to 152.

In a recent post I showed how pearl symbolism was heavily encoded in the Kamala Harris narrative. “MOTHER OF PEARL” sums to 152.

Claire Underwood was born Claire Hale and eventually drops the name Underwood when President. “CLAIRE HALE” sums to 152 in the Latin/Jewish cipher of gematria.

“JOE BIDEN” sums to 152.

Kamala Harris is selling children’s books as well as other consumer products. The book “Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea” is currently a best seller; emphasis on “BIG IDEA”

Not surprisingly “BIG IDEA” sums to 152.


152 can be a date 15-2, which is 15th February; the date of Lupercalia.

The date can also be written 2-15; February 15th.

The United States is seeing its first “First Gentleman” in Harris’ husband Doug Emhoff. “FIRST GENTLEMAN” sums to 215.

Claire Underwood is from the Dallas suburb of “Highland Park” which sums to 215.

The season and episode in which Claire Underwood becomes President is 5:6 which was released May 30th, 2017 a date that leaves 215 days in the year.

The Wolf: Symbol of Rome

The Roman influence in the founding of the United States is evident. Washington D.C. is nicknamed “Rome on the Potomac.” The giant fasces sculptures on the wall above the Speaker’s chair in the U.S. House of Representatives is a vivid display that the Roman Empire is still alive.

According to legend Rome was founded by Romulus who was nurtured by a female wolf along with his twin brother Remus.

“Wolf” in Latin is “lupus.” This is where the name for Lupercalia comes from.

“LUPERCALIA” sums to 98 in gematria.

“FEMALE WOLF” sums to 98.


In a 2015 decode of the NBA Finals Zachary K Hubbard showed how Lupercalia was coded into that event which featured a California team the Golden State Warriors:

He mentioned that the 98th element on the Periodic Table is Californium.

This appears relevant again here because Kamala Harris hails from California.

Kamala and Amala

This brings up an unproven but popular story from the early 20th Century about two girls in Bengal, India who were allegedly raised by wolves and thought of themselves as wolves.

Their names were Amala and Kamala.


Another parallel with real life events is that after winning the Presidential election The Underwoods’ (who are Democrats) Republican opponent Will Conway protested that the election was stolen from him; similar to Donald Trump’s protests of a stolen election.

Lupercalia priests were called the “Brothers of the Wolf” which sums to 215 like the date 2-15, February 15th.

A collegia (a branch. There were three branches) of the Brothers of the Wolf was named “the Fabiani” named after the Fabia family who are one of the most ancient elite Roman families.

This is where the British Fabian Society, of which George Orwell (real name Eric Blair) was a member, gets its name. The coat of arms of The Fabian Society originally featured a wolf poorly disguised as a sheep.

The coat of arms of The Fabian Society


  • The last U.S. Vice President to become President after the President was assassinated was Lyndon Baines Johnson who was famously sworn in — on November 22nd, 1963 — at 2:38 pm.
  • “Claire Underwood” sums to 238.


February 15th is “the Ides of February” which sums to 1122 like the date 11-22 of the JFK’s assassination.

Lupercalia is also known as “Dies Februatus” which sums to 1122 in the English Extended cipher.


Dallas is the location of JFK’s assassination. Claire Underwood and the actress who plays her Robin Wright are both born in Dallas.


“You never actually saw me die, did you?”

After being removed from the cast of House of Cards following sexual assault allegations against him, Kevin Space who played President Francis Underwood, released a short film on his Youtube channel titled “Let Me Be Frank.”

In it he appears in character as Frank Underwood and suggests that Francis Underwood – who died in the House of Cards script – did not really die, and his death was faked.

Could this be an indication as to the actual status of the “real Frank Underwood” Joe Biden when he is reported to have passed?


  1. Keenan on February 10, 2021 at 8:35 pm

    Another 152 —>
    Trump became the first president in 152 years to skip his successor’s inauguration on January 20, 2021.

    • Rambo on February 18, 2021 at 5:37 pm

      Nice. Yes, big number for Biden-Harris

  2. redsam96 on February 11, 2021 at 4:33 am

    As soon as you mentioned “Brothers of the Wolf” I immediately thought about this French film called “Brotherhood of the Wolf” about a secret society of the same name (with connections to the Holy See and Pope Clement XIII) trying to take over the government. I wasn’t going to say anything about it until I got to the end of your article and was a little taken back when you started talking about faking a death, because the main protagonist of the movie, “Grégoire de Fronsac” is thought to be dead for awhile until he comes back at the end, grandiose and all, and defeats the brotherhood. I know this movie got pretty big in France and somewhat in America, but it makes me want to go back and watch it to see what else might be symbolized throughout.

    • Rambo on February 18, 2021 at 5:10 pm

      Great find! I’ll have to take note of that movie as well.

  3. redsam96 on February 11, 2021 at 5:52 am

    I also just realized that February 15th is Presidents Day lol

    • Rambo on February 18, 2021 at 5:33 pm

      Great decode. I actually read this decode on Gematria Altum. Is this Switzerland?

  4. Giannidesir27 on February 11, 2021 at 5:55 am

    Wolf in sheeps clothing
    Matthew 7:15
    King James Version
    15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

    Kamala harris =112 ( english ordinal )
    /49 ( full reduction)
    Matthew 7:15=112 (reverse ordinal)
    /49 (reverse full reduction)
    Matthew seven fifteen=112 (single reduction KV)

    Joe biden =715 (jewish)
    Joe r. biden jr. =715 (reverse satanic)

    Devi harris=157 (reverse ordinal) …7 and fifteen reverse like the 15th verse of the 7th chapter of matthew.

    Pre-inauguration mass was at st.matthew cathedral

    The cathedral of the apostle st matthew
    =133 full reduction
    President=133 reverse ordinal

    Female president=152 english ordinal
    /71 full reduction/80 single reduction

    Kamala devi harris=152 english ordinal
    /71 full reduction/80 single reduction

    The king james Bible=152 english ordinal
    /71 full reduction/80 single reduction

    Joe biden=152 reverse ordinal
    Wolf in sheep’s clothing=1520 (152 again)

    Joe biden is not going to do a 4 year term . His birthday is november 20th or 20/11 with a 211 numerology. 211 is the 47th prime number . Kamala will be the 47th president and they are 47 degrees in a free mason compass.

    When kamala was sworn in she had her left hand on a thurgood marshall bible that was on top of another regular Bible .The thurgood marshall looks a lot like a wallet because of the zipper case it has . Wallets hold money and the elite value money over God’s word . Money is their god.

         -Matthew seven one five=231 english ordinal/87 full reduction/96 single reduct
    /282 reverse ordinal/941 reverse primes
         -Swearing on the wallet=231 english ordinal/87 full reduction/96 single reduct
    /282 reverse ordinal/941 reverse primes
      -harris=73 english ordinal/283 satanic
    /89 reverse ordinal/53 single reverse reduction ep/299 reverse satanic
        -wallet=73 english ordinal/283 satanic
    /89 reverse ordinal/53 single reverse reduction ep/299 reverse satanic

    Going back to the 283 in the satanic cypher . Lady gaga sang the national anthem and her birthday is march 28th or 28/3 or 283….

    kamala is the 49thvice president

    Antichrist=49 full reduction
    Kamala=49 full reduction
    revelation=49 full reduction

    She is not The antichrist but she is an anti christ…

    Atom=49 english ordinal
    Crash=49 english ordinal
    WW3=49 english ordinal

    Jennifer lopez sang at the inauguration
    Her birthday is 7/24 or 724

    Number of the beast=724 jewish
    President kamala harris=724 jewish
    President biden=724 satanic

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