House voting on a Biden impeachment inquiry as Dow reaches 37,000 for first time ever, closing at record high, December 13, 2023

Catholic Church Federal Government Markets & Stocks Secret Societies

Biden impeachment inquiry?

This comes as the market reaches 37,000 for the first time. *Joe Biden=37

And some in the ‘Congress’ are voting him out…

The ritual is right for a Wednesday.

Today has 68 date numerology, the big stock number.
Stock=68, Market=68 & 23

Today is 23 days after Joe Biden’s birthday (Nov. 20, 2023).

Remember Joe Biden’s wingman? Barack Obama=68 *CIA=68

This comes on the 132nd day of Obama’s age (born August 4, 1961).
Almar Latour=132 (current CEO of Dow)
United States of America=132
Catholic Church=132
Roman Catholic=132

This record comes right before Pope Francis 87th birthday, December 17, 2023.
Stocks=87, The Catholic Church=87 (Jesuit suppression ended on ’87)

Today is 182 days after Trump’s birthday (span of 183).
Order out of chaos=183
Vladimir Putin=183
Pearl Harbor=183

There was this recent 182 ritual with Henry Kissinger.

Today is 54 days at Kamal Harris’ birthday. *Stock Exchange=54

And again, today is 23 days after Joe Biden’s birthday. *Market=23

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