How an author and NASCAR star used ‘Let’s go Brandon’ to turn a buck, July 17, 2022 news

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Read about the death of Bobby East, NASCAR driver, after 56 races here.

And recall how Let’s Go Brandon came out of a NASCAR event.

And don’t forget the Black Lives Matter #43 car after the George Floyd riots.
George Floyd = 43
Civil War = 43 / 56
*NASCAR banned the Confederate Flag from races at same time

This news comes July 17, or 17/7.
The Jesuit Order = 177 / 201
George Perry Floyd = 201
Society of Jesus = 56

Brandon Brown’s win and “Lets Go Brandon” began on October 2, or 10/2.
-American Civil War began on 102nd day of the year
-George Perry Floyd = 102
-Slavery = 102

B.B. initials in ’22 (B is 2nd letter)

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