How Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza is clearly synced with the 119th World Series

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Israel’s ground invasion began on the same day the 119th World Series began, October 27, 2023, the day leaving 65 days in the year. Funny enough, the final score of the game was 6-5, in favor of the Texas Rangers, once owned by George W. Bush, who threw out the first pitch. Again, he was a member of Skull and Bones, modeled after the Knights Templar, who spent many years in Jerusalem.
Knights Templar = 65 (D-backs, NL 6 seed, Rangers, AL 5 seed) (6-5 score)
Vatican = 119 *Star of David = 119 (119th World Series)

The D-backs are in the World Series for the second time. Their only other time was right after 9/11.

The manager of the D-backs fell to 10-7 in the postseason for his career.
Rangers = 107
Military = 107

Of course, the war in Israel began on October 7, or 10/7.

Also, as you know, Gaza is 74 years old, and so is the Superior General.
Texas Rangers = 74
Ground Invasion = 74
Jewish = 74
Killing = 74

Think about it.

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  1. GregRamsey74 on October 28, 2023 at 3:14 pm

    This came 113-days after George W. Bush’s 77th birthday.
    “Invasion” = 113
    “Dallas” = 113/41
    “Dishonest” = 113/41
    “Skull and Bones” = 41

    This also came on the 114th day of George W. Bush’s age.
    “President of the United States” = 114
    *This is also 3-months and 22-days.

    This came a span of 47-days from the anniversary of 9/11.
    “President” = 47
    “Osama bin Laden” = 47
    -Building 7 was 47-stories high.
    *This came a span of 11-days from the birthday of the famous Texas Rangers.
    “Texas Rangers” = 74(7+4 = 11)
    *This also came 188-years after the founding of the Texas Rangers.
    “Bavarian Illuminati” = 188

    This came 51-years after the Washington Senators moved to Texas and became the Rangers. This also came 51-weeks and 1 day after the anniversary of Stephen F. Austin’s birthday, the man that founded the Texas Rangers.
    “Conspiracy” = 51
    “Adam Weishaupt” = 51(Illuminati founded on 5/1)

    This came 61-days before Stephen F. Austin’s death anniversary, corresponding to the Texas Rangers originally coming into MLB in ’61 as the Washington Senators to win 61-games that season.

    “Stephen F. Austin” = 177/201
    “The Jesuit Order” = 177/201

    10/27/2023 = 10+27+2+0+2+3 = 44
    “Rangers” = 44
    “Israel” = 44
    “Military” = 44
    “Kill” = 44

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