How the Alabama church shooting is staged & connected to the Warriors winning the NBA Finals, June 16, 2022

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The church shooting of Thursday, June 16, 2022, was clearly by the numbers, coming on the monthly ‘kill’ date. Notice how the location, Vestavia Hills, Alabama, fit in.
Vestavia Hills, Alabama = 64
Shooting = 44

Kill = 64 / 44
6/16/2022 = 6+16+20+22 = 64
6/16/22 = 6+16+22 = 44

As for the two 84-year-old women.
Vestavia Hills = 84
Jesuit = 84

The ages of the deceased total 159 (84+75).
Vestavia Hills = 159

And the name also fits in with the recent pattern of ‘192.’
Vestavia Hills = 192

Keep in mind this occurred the day the Warriors won the championship in Steph Curry’s 13th season, winning by 13-points, while Celtics star Tatum only scored 13-points. And as we know, ‘Alabama’ is the 13 state. *Alabama = 13

The coding of the church fits the riddle.
St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church = 113
The National Basketball Association = 113

-Stephen goes with Stephen Kerr
-Stephen goes with Stephen Cury

So does the 75-year-old victim, as the Warriors, who won the championship in ’75, just improved to 7-5 in Finals the day of the shooting, in the 75th NBA season, picking up their 75th road playoff win all-time in Boston over the ‘Celtics.’

And it is that piece that goes with the 71-year-old shooter.
Celtics = 71
Catholic = 71
*The Society of Jesus = 71

Recall, on June 13, 2022, Curry’s 3-point streak ended at 233-games, which is the 13th Fibonacci number, and it was a streak that lasted 1313 days, only for it to end 91-days after his birthday, the 13th triangular number. Plus, the first game in that streak he made 13 3’s.

This ritual came 121-days before the Governor’s upcoming birthday.
Warriors = 121
Blood Sacrifice = 121

She will turn 78.
Church Shooting = 78
NBA Finals = 78
Jesuit = 78

Update: The Mayor of the town fits with the Warriors becoming 16-6 in the Playoffs on the day of their championship, and the day of the shooting, 16/6.
Secret Society = 166

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