How to see through made for media agents like Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio and the flaming fraud and anti-Antifa activist Andy Ngo

Controlled Opposition Jesuit News

Proud Boys = 45 / 45 (Number 45 supporters)

Notice, the Proud Boys agent, Enrique Tarrio has no birthday, and his possibly bed buddy, Andy Ngo, also has no birthday.

Enrique Tarrio = 181 (42nd prime) *Jesuit = 42

Andy Ngo is the homosexual fraud from Britain who claims he is from Portland, Oregon and who used the planned assault on myself and the truth seekers who cleared out Antifa from Powell’s books on January 16, 2021 to market his own propaganda based book.

Notice, he doesn’t have a birthday either.

And this is how you clearly spot agents in the information age. It is to say that Tarrio and Ngo are made up characters for mainstream agendas. Also, don’t forget that the same people who control Ngo, are the same people who control Antifa.

For the clincher, the gematria of their agent names makes it clear as day who they serve.

*The Bavarian Illuminati was created by the Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt, and the Jesuits are directly connected to the Synagogue of Satan.

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