Howard Stern’s November 27, 2023 revelation about being asked by Bradley Cooper to play his brother in ‘A Star Is Born’

Catholic Church Celebrity Entertainment History Jesuit Jewish Related Secret Societies

This news broke November 27, 2023, the 320th day of Howard Stern’s age.
Roman Catholic Church=320

Again, the Catholic Church has celebrated Jesus birthday on December 25 in the year 320 AD. And the Catholic Church began celebrating the sun in the sky’s birthday on December 25 in the year 274 AD. That is a difference of 46 years, going with the 46 books in the Catholic OT, the Jewish section of the Bible. *Catholic=46 *Religion=46 *Paganism=46 *A Star Is Born=46

Don’t forget the Jesuit motto for I.H.S. equates to 274, like the year 274 AD.
Iesus Hominum Salvator=274

Howard is 69 right now. *Howard=69 *Illuminati=69 *Catholic Church=69 *The Jesuit Order=69

He was born in ’54. *Sun=54 *Jesuit Order=54 *Bavaria=54

He was born on January 12, or 1/12. *Judaism=112 *Zionist=112 *Theater=112

This ritual was on a Monday, named after the moon, and the Jews go by the moon.

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