Hurricane Henri nearing landfall on northeast United States, August 22, 2021

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Today is 22/8 *United States of America = 228

Notice that Henri is named for flooding, equating to 83, reminding that the biblical flood ends in Genesis 8:3. *Flood = 83

Keep in mind tomorrow, August 23, 2021, will have 52 date numerology, and the likely news coverage will be the flooding of the northeast, caused by Hurricane Henri, with an i.
8/23/21 = 8+23+21 = 52
Flood = 52
Earth = 52
Enlil = 52
Hurricane = 52

For more more though, 83 is the 23rd prime. *Flood = 23 *Hurricane Henri = 83


  1. qzaqza on August 22, 2021 at 12:38 pm

    It made landfall in the same place (Westerly, RI) exactly 44 days after Elsa. Both even touched down at the same time, 12:15pm.

    the state bird is a Rhode Island Red chicken = Hen-RI.

    Westerly also had a staged shooting in a nursing home about a year ago that you covered by the numbers

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