Indianapolis police kill man streaming on Facebook Live, May 6, 2020

Big Tech Murder by Numbers News Police State

This happened May 6, or 6/5, like 65.

The victim was military, a member of the ‘US Air Force’.

Let us begin with the fact that this man was reportedly killed on 62nd and Michigan.  Can you say ‘sacrifice’?

He was known as ‘Sean Reed’.

Not only does Michigan have gematria of 46 and 62 like sacrifice, it also sums to 44 and 64 like ‘kill’.

The victim’s name sums to 206, like ‘sacrifice’ as well.

His name also sums to 118, like ‘death’.

Dreasjon Reed = 71 (20th prime) *Death = 20
Keep in mind ‘Facebook Live’ sums to 218, also like ‘death’.

Notice how his full name Dreasjon Reed and his nickname Sean Reed both sum to 71, the 20th prime, a big pattern in numbers for 2020.

This racially charged news has the 42 encoded through the IMPD.

42 is so often encoded in racially charged headlines.  
And last, this ‘Facebook’ related incident took place on a date with 31 numerology. *5/6/20 = 5+6+20 = 31

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